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Aggregate & Materials

Aggregate Products – Gowan Construction Inc.



Material Available

  • 1½” Roofing Rock
  • 1″ Concrete Rock (NDDOT Size 3)
  • Washed Concrete Sand (NDDOT Spec,)
  • Pea Rock
  • Class 41, 42, 43 Chips (NDDOT Spec.)
  • Class 5 Aggregate Base
  • Pit Run Gravel
  • Riprap

Grand Forks, ND 58201


Material Available

  • Class 13 Aggregate Surfacing
  • Class 5 Aggregate Base
  • Salvage Base Course (Crushed Concrete)
  • Asphalt Millings
  • Washed Sand
  • Engineered Fill Sand
  • Pea Rock
  • Clay
  • Topsoil
  • Used Metal Culverts
  • Used Concrete Pipe
  • Geotextile Fabrics
  • Culverts
  • Culvert Traps
  • Connecting Bands
  • Flared End Sections
  • Bolts and Nuts for Culverts


Material Available

  • Salvage Base Course
  • Class 13 Aggregate Surfacing
  • Engineered fill sand
  • Topsoil
  • 4″ Minus Rock
  • New Metal Culverts
  • Culvert Traps
  • Geotextile Fabrics
  • Straw Bales

Sheyenne Pit and Gowan West have NDDOT Material Source Approval Certificates, and are Approved Recycle Sites for Concrete and Asphalt.


For Aggregate Inquiries:

Steve Mack – 701-699-5171 – Email

Do you think you may have aggregates or materials we can use on your property? If so, Gowan Construction would like to hear from you. We can send our team of experts out to test your property for materials we need. You can rest assured we will handle your property like it is our own, with respect to regulation, safety, the environment and you.

If you think you may be sitting on a mine, please contact us at 701.699.5171.