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About Us

Gowan Construction, Inc.

A full service general construction company

Gowan Construction, Inc. was founded by brothers Roy and Charles Gowan in 1961 with two pieces of equipment. Now almost six decades later, Gowan Construction, Inc. has over 150 pieces of equipment and employs over 200 people at peak season.

We value our roots as a family owned company of 3 generations, and are proud of the unmatched expertise we are able to offer from over 55 years’ experience working in the Red River Valley and surrounding areas.

We employ a competent staff that is able to complete projects of all sizes. We pride ourselves on producing high quality projects and work diligently to stay within budget requirements and any other constraints that may exist on each project. We want our overall appearances above ground to reflect the quality of what you are unable to see below ground. Our staff includes Civil Engineers, Construction Managers, Accounting Professionals and Heavy Equipment Technicians. We are an exceptional company to work for, with growing opportunities for employment. Our local hardworking, loyal and skilled workforce is our greatest asset, and are treated as part of the Gowan family.

Gowan Construction, Inc. had been a member of the Land Improvement Contractors of America (LICA) until it’s merger with the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). We are now a members of the AGC, with Milton Gowan, (President of Gowan Construction, Inc.) acting as the 2001 President of the AGC of North Dakota and Michael Gowan (3rd Generation), recently accepting to serve a three year term for the the Board of Directors  and in line to serve as the next Heavy/Municipal Division President of the AGC of North Dakota.

We are committed to a “safety first” approach in all aspects of our operations. The success of our safety efforts has been recognized as exceptional by many awards, including:

  • 1st Place National Safety Excellence (AGC of America)
  • 1st Place Safety Excellence (AGC of North Dakota)
  • MSHA Certificate of Achievement in Safety

Our commitment to quality workmanship is equally high as our safety ethics. We have Quality Control/Quality Assurance personnel on site to guarantee our standards are met on each and every project. We also maintain exceptional quality equipment and are continuously utilizing advances in technology, which helps ensure that projects are finished in a timely and efficient manner.

Our main office is located near Oslo, MN, and our branch office is located in Grand Forks, ND.

We are proud of the many projects that have been completed over the years.

This includes:

  • Road and highway reconstruction
  • Airport reconstruction
  • Bridge and box culverts
  • Golf courses
  • Railroad improvements; railroad derailments
  • Lime stabilization, landfills, parking lots, urban and rural demolition
  • Biosolid applications
  • Fertilizer/Versa lime applications
  • Wastewater collection systems, small concrete work and structures
  • Pump stations, ditching and rural and urban flood protection
  • Heavy hauling service
  • Equipment rental
  • Gravel production
  • Washed products production
  • Material handling

Gowan Construction, Inc. is fully bonded, insured, and ready to work for you!