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Maintenance Supervisor

Noel was born in Park River, ND and grew up on the family farm 6 miles south of Adams, ND, graduating from Adams High School, then moving on to the AVTI in East Grand Forks , where he graduated with a degree in Diesel Technology. Noel is constantly learning new things and has taken several classes from the University of Great Falls. He feels very fortunate for so many opportunities for growth with special training in many aspects of his managerial duties, and being surrounded by many that have influenced his career with their wisdom and shared knowledge.

He grew up with all the opportunities of growing up on a farm, with a father and mother who influenced him in many positive ways. Being the oldest of 8, Noel pursued a career in mechanics with a desire to manage a business in the future. He worked for several neighbors in the area before graduating high school. During College in East Grand Forks, Noel worked for O’Neils Wooden You Finish and John Deere in Michigan, ND. After graduation, he worked for Doc’s Auto Clinic, then Goodyear in Grand Forks where he spent 15 years while still working part-time for United Van Lines, Amoco, Eide Motors, YMCA and a referee for ND volleyball. After the closure of Goodyear , Noel went full time at United Van Lines and managed their fleet and ran a for-hire shop in East Grand Forks called Wherley Vehicle Maintenance. His career ended there after 10 years to take a job at Transystems where he spent 5 years.

Noel was looking for a place that offered challenges but also was also local so he could be home nightly. Although capable of project management, he prefers the duties of maintenance. He enjoys the opportunities of being creative and solving problems. So when Milt Gowan offered him a position 12 years ago, he felt blessed in accepting it. Noel with the help of his team directs the maintenance of all Gowan Construction’s equipment through the Gowan shops and local vendors. He works closely with management to be as efficient as possible, while looking for improvements in all operations. Noel also has “other duties as assigned” .

Noels most enjoyable job was the Ross Man Camp during some of the most demanding times of company growth, yet he enjoys the continuance of the improvements on the Gowan West facility as we continue to grow and expand the yard and it’s capabilities.

He’s thankful for the blessings God has bestowed on him and his family and believes in faith, family and hard work. He’s grateful to work for a company that has a good Christian feel to it, where everyone works together for a common purpose. He credits his wife for her love and understanding that has gotten him through their lives together.

On his down time, Noel relishes “The Lake”, family times, traveling with his wife, spending any time with his kids, grandkids and friends. He also enjoys fishing, hunting, boating, woodworking and building projects. Opportunities to serve the needy brings him much joy.